Bzzzz! Bzzz! Bzz! Bees buzz. One brown bee buzzes while burrowing into the forest floor. It is not buzzing into a flower for nectar as we frequently see but for some other reason, this bee is digging in through a bed of dried pine needles under several towering trees high above it. Bzzz… Bzzz… Bzz!

As the brown bee buzzes, it burrows like a rodent. Bit by bit, it pushes back pine needles with its tiny legs, moving its body deeper into the ground. Who would have known bees and rodents have this in common? Why was this bee burrowing into the ground? Was there something beneath the earths’ surface that was compelling it to do so? Was it nestling in for the night? The burrowing seemed to last for a very long time. Was this its’ home and alternate hive?

Bees are instinctive by nature. This forest bee didn’t have a backpack or guide map. No! It followed its instinctual knowing as all species in the animal and insect kingdom do. There is no prescribed plan. There is no set agenda. Only a deep inner knowing that steers them moment by moment.

Allow this deep inner knowing within you to guide you like a bee. Practice cultivating this talent for intuitive living. Moment by moment, you will discover the inherent buzz in you, that brings lively life energy and heightens pizzazz in your life. Go for it! Buzz away! Stretch yourself beyond your comfort levels and allow surprises to arise! Your inherent talents and true nature awaits discovery!


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