AHHchooh! sniffle, sniffle. Hawnkkk!!! Schoowhhhh! (wipe, wipe)

It’s cold season. Yes the season of cold! Where temperatures dip below freezing, where there is nip in the air and mist from human breath. Cold is also evident in the human body, where extremities can be chilled to the point of numbness and no feelings at all. Fingers, toes, hands, feet, ears and nose turn rosy red or white! Circulation is disrupted, joints stiffen and internal flow of air and fluids are literally stilted. Such are the perils of human journey!

Cold is also a term for an illness where blockages inhibit natural wellness. Air is constricted to the point that free flow is no longer present. Hence, sniffle sniffle, hawnkkk and schooowwhhh arises! Similarily, a ‘cold’ of the mind inhibits natural vitality with blocks to free flowing thoughts. Likened to mucus, these too can be relieved! Cold of the mind is self-induced for many. Release the ickiness and stickiness so that ease of flow awaits! Surprise yourself by applying this to any physical symptoms in the moment. Release negative thoughts such as “I am sick.” or “I hate this.” and replace it with “I am a healthy and vibrant being.” Repeat this for the rest of your life and see what happens!




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