A brick-lined plaza sandwiched between a row of stores and a parking lot yields a stream of people. Big and small, young and old meander between large cement planters and a bicycle rack filled with bikes. The array of stores within include a coffee shop, convenience store and a travel agency. Amongst these also is a daycare for preschool aged children, whose bustling activity captures the attention of many passerbys, including a wee 1-year-old toddler.

Grandma stands in the periphery watching her grandson as he toddles towards the daycare window. Curious about the beings beyond the glass and their buoyant energy, the toddler stands transfixed at the window, just staring for 5 minutes or more without moving a single muscle. On the other side of the glass, 4 little ones have now congregated at the window, staring back at the toddler. Both seem mesmerized by each other. There are no words or sounds exchanged between them as the glass buffers all noise. The only form of communication is through their eyes and bodily gestures which evolve into hand waving, head bobbing and cute little faces pressed against the glass!

This animal-like exchange between tiny humans reminds us of an important lesson in life. When we let go of the mental chatter and need to label, define and express in words, we can sink fully into our sensory experiences to inhabit life just as it is in the moment. Surprising insights and revelations arise when we are open to being fully present in the here and now. These tiny children mirror this with their congenial rapport even though they have never met before. Become a vessel for unknowns and surely you will come home to your inner knowing!



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