Cycles of Life

Huge trees lay fallen on the hillside.  An intense windstorm had swept through the nature park just weeks before.  A family spanning three generations were halted in their tracks by the sight of fallen trees and freshly cut stumps, remnants of the massive storm.

The eldest of the clan quietly observed their surroundings, then created a story using animated body gestures showing how strong winds must have whirled through the area.  His wife on the other hand was rendered speechless, overcome with great sadness for the grove of old trees she had enjoyed since childhood.  Her son was also speechless, mesmerized by the beautiful designs and colors exposed by recent cuts across fallen trunks.  His partner did not see any beauty in their surroundings, only devastation.  Their young children danced excitedly around them, oblivious to the unique observations of others.  They pointed high above to the large gaping hole in the forest canopy, saying that someone must have turned on a giant flashlight.  The littlest one, now crouched down low in the sunlight, erupted with a holler, “Look!  A baby forest!” as she pointed to tender shoots emerging from the forest floor.

This is life.  The cycles of life are evident everywhere.  Old gives way to new just as darkness gives way to light.  All elements are valuable, important and necessary.

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