On the Run!

A large truck idles noisily at an intersection.  The license plate at the rear is encased with a silver frame and message warning all drivers behind that it makes frequent stops.  But this is not a delivery truck and instead of delivering goods, this regular pick-up truck claims to stop at every Tim Hortons to pick something up.

It seems this pick-up truck is not alone.  The line-up of vehicles at every Tim Horton’s drive-thru reveals this.  Whether picking up a favorite drink, donut, or sandwich, Tim Horton’s has become more popular than a visit to Uncle Fred, Aunt Sue, or Grandma Muriel!  No need to get out of the car, no need for family etiquette and social graces of longer visits.  Just short and sweet, a smile and thank you, then hit the gas pedal and away they go.  Easy.  Maneuver through traffic, take a sip … “Ahhh.hh.h!”  Turn a corner.  Take a bite “Mmmm.mm.m!”  Life is good.  Or is it?!

Faster is not necessarily better.  Conveniences come with a cost, some of which you can see and others you can’t.  Consider all the costs of our modern conveniences today, well beyond the wallet.  Think about the long term impact of your choices today and how they impact our environment for future generations.  We always have choices!


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