1 + 1 = 3

A fire in the heart of a city wreaks havoc.  As emergency responders take care of the situation, a miraculous unfolding takes place not far away.  A man who is almost blind finds himself in a dilemma.  Transit has rerouted buses and the man does not know where he can catch another bus.  He asks someone passing by and they point him in a direction, one of which he is not familiar with or is able to see or comprehend clearly.  In his confusion, help comes in the most surprising way.

An elderly woman approaches him and listens to his predicament.  She responds by sharing her challenges with her vision and together, the two link arms as they walk slowly and carefully to the next stop.  Midway, they meet another elderly woman and the three converse for a short time before she joins them.  Now there is a trio walking down the street, one man sandwiched by two women, all walking together comfortably, joyfully and safely.

This true story portrays the reality of everyday life.  Sometimes we find ourselves in unexpected challenges and somehow, things work out.  No one can predict life.  Life has a rhythm of its own and we would all benefit by finding ways to dance with life, just like this trio did.  Strength in numbers is undeniably powerful!

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