A stern voice pierced the air: “You’re here to have FUN and get exercise!”  The little girl look inquisitively up at her mother.  From the look on the child’s face, she was having fun dipping her toes into a puddle of water.  A group of boisterous children played joyously around her, pumping water from a large hand pump and filling buckets for flooding the sandy village below.  It appeared the little girl was quite content to be on the sidelines, enjoying the fresh water that poured endlessly out of the spout.

FUN is subjective.  What is perceived as fun for one person may be painful for another!  Children naturally know how to have fun and exercise is the natural byproduct.  Adults, on the other hand, seem to have forgotten this.  When was the last time you leisurely dipped your toes into a puddle of fresh rain water or romped barefoot through a grassy meadow? When was the last time you blew dandelion seeds into the wind or swung joyously from a rope dangling under a tree?  If you can not remember, then perhaps it is time to give yourself a free day to simply explore your surroundings and follow your senses wherever they take you.  Make like a bumble bee and flit from shrub to shrub.  Absorb all the sweetness life has to offer!



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