Ahhh … fresh air!  Feel the breeze and cool air as it comes through an open window.  Like a splash of water, the experience can be totally invigorating.  Fresh air has the power to rejuvenate your senses and re-energize you for hours.  Fresh air is what I experience when I take on a new adventure.  It is through the delight of discovery that rejuvenation happens.

There is a vast world out there to explore and all we need to do is say yes to the realm of possibilities that exist.  We need to go no further than our imagination to start the process and find our own breath of fresh air.  Consider this question: If you had a magic wand, where would you be and what would you do?  It is a fun question that brings out the inner child in all of us.  If there were no limitations and anything were possible, what great adventure would you set out on?  What frontiers would you explore and what mysteries would you uncover for yourself?  Complete this sentence:  “I wonder …. “.  Do it as many times as you feel compelled to.  It may trigger an avalanche of thoughts and inspire you to start your next great adventure in life.

My wondering brought me to the world of nature, with it’s many natural wonders.  Is it any wonder that natural wonders bring the most wonder?  I wonder how many people have wondered over world wonders and I wonder what conclusions their wondering brought.  I wonder what my conclusions would be and whether they would be the same as theirs.  I wonder if they even reached a conclusion or maybe they were left scratching their heads, feeling perplexed.  I wonder if you are feeling perplexed as you read this, but I also wonder if a smile has come over your face.  Isn’t wonder wonderfully wondrous?  If you are wondering whether it is worthwhile to continue reading here, there is only one way to cure your wonder and that is to test it out.  My hunch is that you will be glad that you did.

I have always admired panda bears and wondered about their natural habits.  If I had a magic wand, I would be in China right now exploring panda bears in their natural habitat but since that is not possible, I have come up with the next best thing: a documentary on panda bears.  I found a video at the local library and that is where my adventure began.  It was a delightful experience, a journey of revelations as I witnessed the birth of a baby panda and his first year of life.  I watched the panda parents in awe and the antics of their son as he grew to explore the outer world and even scale lofty trees.  Did you know that pandas spend 12 hours per day sleeping, with some of these high atop a tree?   The joys of life are all around us and watching the baby panda reminded me of this.

We can all learn something valuable from the baby panda.  He reminds us of the value of curiosity, a trait which we all have within us.  Curiosity is what brings great revelations and discovery to our world.  What will you discover today?  Where will your curiosity lead you to?  Whatever it is, be sure to share it as this is what makes our world rich and wonderful.  Open your mind to the possibilities that exist.  Open your window to a world of fresh new ideas and revel in exploring all of the wonders around you!

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