The Music of Life

Music is powerful.  It can uplift your mood, energize your whole being, and even soothe frazzled nerves.  The healing qualities of music are far-reaching and you don’t have to go far to experience the benefits.

The variety of ways that one can enjoy music is endless.  One of my favourite ways is to experience it live at a community festival.  A lively band or a solo musician can instantly transport me to another place and time.  Colourful costumes, peculiar instruments and flowing dances add to the experience, offering a feast for my senses.  I delight in the playfulness of brightly coloured blazers, rainbow striped socks, shocking ties and kerchiefs, all topped off with a whimsical hat.  This is what I experienced at a Harvest Moon Festival one Autumn afternoon.  As dusk approached, the band filed off the stage and led a procession winding through streets and tree covered trails.

Music is captivating.  Find some music that engages you and makes your toes tap.  Find some music that enlivens you and makes your  fingers snap!  Hum out loud, sing along, it doesn’t matter that you don’t know all of the words.  Sing all the wrong words, sing out of tune, sing like there is no tomorrow!

Music is medicine for the soul.  What is the tune or song that makes your heart sing?  Find it.  Keep it close to you and there will be always be joy wherever you go.  Life is not meant to be a test of endurance.  It is meant to be enjoyed.  Make your life a melodious journey with a tune all of your own!

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