Journey of Journaling!

At the start of every day, reach for a pen and paper to jot down all that arises in your mind. Allow your hand to take lead and even your non-dominant hand if you are comfortable with that. You do not have to be perfect in writing or printing so clearly and succinctly, or spelling or completing sentences accurately, Just let everything spill out as it does in every moment unfolding. There is no right or wrong, no good or bad, better or worse. It all just is what it is.

Another option is you could also spontaneously sketch, doodle, or draw whatever images arise in moments, all being a part of mystery unfoldings. Using non-dominant hand with artistry elevates consciousness to a whole other level of awareness and also activates your own creative forces beyond thinking mind. This always brings you to places you never imagined would ever happen!

On this journey of journaling, witness whatever emotions arise within and allow them to come and go, rise and fall in moments unfolding. Allow yourself to fully express all that spill out of you, all your truths with no blame, no shame, no guilt or badness. Everything is okay and accepted with open heart and compassion. This is a vital part of your blessed evolution and coming home to your own true nature, where beauty living the simply good life comes forth. Here you will acknowledge and discover one of the greatest gifts of self-care in astonishing ways and reunite you with the pureness of your being within!

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