Sleep deep, prepare to leap!!

Sleep is a vital part of enhancing quality of life in miraculous ways! When deep sleep occurs, out of body experience’ comes forth with a higher level of consciousness beyond the physical realm. Here the eternal and immortal Self expands concepts and beliefs about self, life and unknowns in the universe!

Dreams evoke inner knowings with intuitive messages. These are one of the richest and most unique sources in every persons’ life journey. Dreams generate larger contexts of life and can be portals for transformation and aligning inner/outer realities for greater quality of life. Old habits including negative thought patterns and disturbing reactive behaviours that brought challenges to daily life can gradually fade away as depth of heart desires come forth in surprisingly new experiences!

For example, warm and affectionate people entered my environment in numerous dreams as I observed myself regularly falling into confusion and doubt over unfolding scenarios. Then as time passed, I noticed a change in more recent dreams as I momentarily decided to trust others more and free self from sufferings. When I woke up in those mornings, I felt deeply contented and satisfied, nourished and rejuvenated. i then journaled stream of consciousness all that I remembered in dreamworld and then consciously brought this change into my daily life with enhanced awareness every step of the way.

In this mystery unfolding, I noticed my heart opening more and more as I brought unconditional love to all life I spontaneously connected with. As a result, increased energies of loving relationships heightened to a whole new level I had never experienced before. This epic unfolding brought empowering personal growth on physical realm with new REAL-ities, ecstasy, bliss, peace, kindness and compassion for self and all. Gift yourself and pure essence within the presence of deep sleep! Prepare for a whole new way of living, being and creating passionate heart loving realities in your wondrous life journey!

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