I am LOVE!

Creating simplicity within is just as vital as simplifying externals. Releasing old habits and negative thought patterns that impede your desired flow in life is an on-going process. Know that there are no time limits or deadlines for this to happen. You have more than enough time to get to where you want to be in life.

See your inner realm as a wondrous smorgasbord of choices. There are options available today that you did not notice yesterday. The power of choice is always available. This is where change starts to happen as you give birth to new realities in physical realm. Free self from unhealthy attachments by maintaining focus, diligence and dedication for the long run.

Start each day journaling to release negativity and confusions within. Meditate on what you really want in life, reminding yourself daily what fulfills your deepest desires within. Recite positive mantras to sustain this nourishing energy for rest of day. You might choose to repeat phrases or sing them quietly to yourself in chosen melody. Some examples are “I am free.” “I am wise.” “I am love.” I am growing every stronger!” “I am now my own best friend!” In time, one by one, old patterns and negative energies will gradually dissolve to bring you to a whole new level of living with peaceful acceptance, wholeness and grace in Living the Simply Good Life!

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