One Stop!

Living the simply good life embraces simplicity at its best. One stop shopping versus multiple stop shopping is another level of simple living that can nourish your life in powerful ways. Make one stop shopping your new way of getting all the basics you need. Choose one store close by instead of spending a large amount of time travelling to numerous specialty shops across town. As you incorporate this new way of living, the busyness of daily activities is greatly eased, opening you up for more free time to do what deeply satisfies you most! 

To make this your new reality, let go of old habits such as being a fuss budget, bargain hunter or eternal browser. Focus on being most efficient by creating one simple, direct, easy process. For example, shift from daily or weekly visits to grocery stores to one visit every 3 weeks or so. Create a list of basics needed and organize them according to store layout. Keep this list easily accessible so that you and other family members are always able to find it. The final tip is to buy in bulk to minimize trips! By incorporating all these vital steps, the simply good life will be your new way of living and being!

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