Something Fishy!

Imagine laying comfortably on a paddle board in ocean waters. Not only can you view the water at eye level, you can also observe closely what is under the board. With tide coming back in, you are gently lulled towards the shoreline. Your body and mind relaxes more and more as mother earth rocks you like a newborn baby. Breathing in the fresh ocean air and feeling the breezes wash over your body revitalizes every cell of your being. Your mind opens and expands with each breath, compelling you to look under.

Life is teeming underwater. A school of tiny fish swim in unison, darting here and there with great speed. At least 50 of these little fishies flow smoothly together in harmony without disturbing anything. Black crabs, purple starfish, green plants and colourful sea anemones of all shapes and sizes live peacefully under the flying fish.

A short distance away, another group of these tiny fish congregate in a tight circle. Seeming to be in a frenzy, they are actively engaged in something that was not visible to the naked eye. What were they instinctively doing? There was no evidence of battle or conflict, only heightened group energy. Losing self in wonder, you drift onwards.

Wonder is the turning point for reaping wisdom from the natural world. Perhaps the heightened group energy of all these tiny fish reveals the gifts of group synergy. It is true that a group of human beings can achieve a whole lot more than a single person. The key lesson here is that peace and harmony be a prevailing force with no harm to others. Each one of us can feel enlivened by an inspiring group, leading us to something much larger than we ever imagined! Anthropologist Margaret Mead once said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”

What speaks to your heart? What would you like to do with your one precious life? Congregate with a group of precious kindred spirits that speak to your soul and let the miracles unfold! Allow your pure spirit to guide you every step of the way!

Photo by Emir Kaan Okutan on

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