Misty Dusk

As dusk settles and the sky gradually loses light, mother nature’s visual majesty fades into the darkness. As a dense fog rolls in and blankets the surrounding landscape, trees and mountains disappear into the mist. When dusk and mist are both present, much more is needed than our eyes and mind to decipher what is truly present.

The sound of crashing waves to the west assures a strong and vibrant ocean nearby. A blurry mountainous tree line to the east assures a grand forest flourishing with life. A fine cool mist swirling down from high above assures gentle winds and the scent of ocean life assures many other living species below the earth’s surface.

Strolling barefoot along the beach reveals yet another surprise, enhancing sensory awareness. The soft and luscious fine sand subtly gives way to every footstep, producing an other-worldly experience with a quality and texture uncommon to our paved, shoe-clad world. Like walking on marshmallow soles, the soul gently sinks down with every step merging into the world below. What is present can only be deciphered through intuition and gut feelings. Although the fog greatly limits our view, it most certainly enhances sensory experiences. The fog’s misty presence gifts us with plenty and one of the most glorious is the fine cool shower delicately sprayed upon the skin. Another exquisite gift is the lesson mist has for all humans. This lesson is only to be found in the story of mist or the mist story … aka mystery!

scenic view of landscape against sky

Photo by Nikolai Ulltang on Pexels.com


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