Growing Love

It is Valentines Day. Public transit is very busy with several people carrying valentines gifts for loved ones. Beautiful bouquets of exquisite red roses lay nestled in arms. One young woman carries a single red carnation betweens her fingers as she smiles and texts a message on her cell phone. A deep sense of joy and satisfaction pervades her face. Love is in the air!

A young man gets up and starts to walk toward the rear of the bus. As he does this, he shouts “Thank YOU!” in a joyful loving tone to the bus driver and adds “Happy Valentines Day everyone!!” as he bounces out of the bus. Big smiles ripple throughout the bus, like a ripple of water that grows to become a tide. Love washes over people in surprising ways!

Imagine love growing and expanding in our world. Imagine love as a bountiful crop that is regularly harvested and shared worldwide! Imagine love permeating every being, every home, every nest, every nook and cranny in our planet! How different our world would feel. Love has a natural radiance that emanates well beyond where one can see. As Ghandi once said “Be the change that you want to see in the world.”valentine-tree-love-leaf-from-hearts

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