Smoke filled skies blanketed the neighbourhood, eroding air quality to alarming heights for some local residents. Gone were blue summer skies, puffy white clouds and the sweet aromas of floral abundance. Instead, an air of heaviness hung over the community with fog-like qualities. One could not see beyond streets’ end nor could they breathe deeply without feeling some sort of discomfort within. As a result, many people stayed indoors, waiting for the smoke to dissipate, hoping for rains to come and cleanse the heavily-polluted air.

And then one day, the rains did come and it rained for an entire day. The next day, the sky reappeared. Beautiful blue skies that had not been visible for weeks captured the attention of many. Puffy white clouds returned as well, along with small airplanes and many varieties of birds that filled the air with delightful melodies once again. Their songs felt celebratory as if to mark the return of life! People emerged from their homes to stroll through neighbourhoods. Dogs came out for walks too. Suddenly, there were sounds of life echoing throughout the community. And there were also breathtaking views of mountain ranges, waterways and ancient treetops in the distance. Further beyond, radiant sunrises and glowing sunsets dazzled horizons.  All was back to normal and a deep sense of gratitude washed over the community.

Looking back amidst those smoke filled weeks, it was only the sun that emitted a sense of beauty in the environment. Its’ brilliant orange glow cut through the smokey haze as if reflecting the hundreds of wildfires raging across the lands. Similar to life’s journey, a single light source may be the only way out of a dense haze of confusion. Blinded by an inner fog, one cannot see or even perceive what lies ahead. No depth of perception is available. All one can do at times like this is refer to the source of light within.

The heart always holds clues to where clarity may lie. The heart can be likened to the blazing orange sun in smoke filled skies. It may reveal messages and important insights that require your attention. Heed your heart’s calling, release any tears that emerge and just like the rain, tears have the power to cleanse any lingering fog of confusion. Clarity, big picture perspectives, and often life-changing solutions appear when one looks to the glowing source within!


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