Gifts of the Night

In the darkness of night, the skies thundered its power upon the earth. Deafening cracks opened the skies, sending a deluge of rain over natural and man-made creations. Like the sound of millions of hands clapping in unison, then beating soulfully on a drum, our senses are captivated. We are washed and cleansed, enlightened under brilliant flashes of light, perfectly synchronized in a performance like no other. Jagged bolts of light tear through the darkness alongside roaring cascades of sound … and then there is quiet … and then there is calm. The sky settles, the wind blows, the clouds drift across the sky in a glorious dance. Gradually, the infinite sky overhead reveals itself as the sun begins to rise. A new day is born. The birds return, chirping a chorus of sweet melodies. Trees are refreshed. Plants glisten. Dew drops sparkle in the morning light.

Each night leads to day. Each day returns the night. Darkness always leads us back to light and vice versa. This is the rhythm of life. There is beauty and abundance in darkness.  Look up into the evening sky. A shining star is there to guide you! Revel in it. Appreciate it. And be ever thankful for its luminous presence!

“There they stand, the innumerable stars, shining in order like a living hymn, written in light.” – N.P. Willis

2 thoughts on “Gifts of the Night

  1. Thank you, Tabi. The storm resonates with human experiences on a very deep level. Once we move through our fears, we begin to see and experience things in ways we never saw before!

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