Sometimes life literally takes our breath away.  A strong windstorm swept through a wild grove of trees nestled against a quiet suburban neighbourhood.  One large tree standing at the edge of the grove was unable to withstand the gusts and fell upon a home where a middle-aged woman slept.  Tragically, she never again rose to see another new day.

The news of this shocking tragedy rippled grief throughout the community.  She was a gentle, sweet woman, loving wife and mother, and community activist who devoted her life to helping those in need.  How does one make sense of such an enormous tragedy?  How does one come to terms with such a devastating loss?

Perhaps it is not so much about making sense as it is about accepting the chaos and unpredictability of life.  Perhaps it is about making peace with adversity and finding peace within oneself, so as not get swallowed up by overwhelming emotions.  At times like this, it is vital to find comfort and solace amidst the turmoil.  If we can turn inwards with gentle loving kindness for ourself, acknowledge our hurt and not push it away for a ‘more convenient time’, we may in turn provide comfort and support to others who suffer as well.  Our deepest healing occurs when we connect personally wiith others.

When tragedy strikes, create a soft place for overwhelming emotions and allow anger, sadness and deep hurt to flow through you.  Allow whatever arises to arise and find a healthy way to release it.  This may involve time alone or time with loved ones, professional support or any combination of these.  Grief is an individual journey with no set time line or process.  Honour your experiences, yourself and your loved ones.  And maybe one day in the future, that glint of bright light that catches your eye; that single wild flower or white feather you discover at your feet, will bring comfort and cherished memories of a loved one past.




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