Who’s Leading?

I had a delightful conversation yesterday with a woman who spent a lifetime with horses.  She retired from teaching riding skills after her own horse died.  It was a career she loved and it showed in her face as she reminisced fondly about her past.  I could tell she was an expert in the field by her confident and direct speech.  “When riding, you want to stay upright.  Use your heels to keep your body back and from leaning forward.”  “If you want the horse to move forward, relax the reins and squeeze your thighs together against the horse’s body.”  “When you want to stop, pull back on the reins.”   “If you want to steer away from something, look where you want to go, NOT where you don’t want to go!”

The last comment made me laugh, realizing it is human nature to look where we don’t want to go.  Whatever we focus on, whether desirable or undesirable, becomes our reality.  If you focus on resistance, what you resist persists!  The woman’s final statement was perhaps the ‘icing on the cake’.  “And whatever you do” she said, “don’t look at the horse’s head!  That means the horse is leading!”

Who’s leading your life?  Neighh..hh.hh…

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