Look Up!

It’s snowing outside.  As limbs of trees become heavily frosted with mother nature’s icing, sweet surprises await our discovery.  A walk in the forest revealed oddly shaped patches of pristine snow on the brown and green path before me.  Looking upwards, I noticed a hole in the forest canopy where snow drifted through.  I paused to gaze upwards through the hole, expecting the cold snow to be chilly against my face.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t as icy as I expected since the warmth of my skin quickly dissolved each flake into a cool and refreshing droplet of water.

Continuing my gaze upwards, I became aware of the many different shapes coming at me.  Some were tiny specks, others medium-sized clumps but the ones that captured my attention most were the big rectangular ones. These giants floated gracefully down, sometimes swaying back and forth like an autumn leaf drifting towards the ground.  Captured by the enormity of the large flakes, I suddenly became aware of the speed other flakes were coming down.  Some spiralled quickly while others shot down like a comet.  It amazed me how this different perspective dramatically changed my experience of falling snow.  Returning my head to an upright position, I focused my gaze straight ahead.  The falling snow seemed to change its random performance to one of perfect harmony with one another.

There is always so much more to an experience than we realize.  Consider a fresh approach, look from a different angle, and try on new perspectives.  Gaze upwards occasionally to glimpse the possibilities.  Stars and constellations await your discovery.  Those stars represent your untapped potential and constellations, the dots you connect for experiencing life in a whole new way!  Seize the wonders every moment beholds.  That is where the magic of life resides!

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