The Silver Laptop, Part 3

A few months ago, I wrote about an unfortunate incident where my laptop was stolen.  Even though it was a traumatic experience, I remained positive and hopeful that something good would come of it.  Now the story has concluded and I am pleased to share the favourable results.

The first joy came from family members.  A custom-crafted card resembling a slot machine with a little foam arm.  Three pulls of the arm and three tugs of the paper within revealed three MacIntosh apples.  Each had a bite removed, just like the logo for Apple computers which adorned my missing laptop.  I was speechless and overcome with emotions as I opened up three envelopes containing enough money to significantly contribute to the timely replacement of my stolen computer.  As a result, I have been happily enjoying my new laptop for the past few months!

The second joy came from my insurance adjuster.  He sent me an e-mail stating he would expedite my claim due to my efforts in compiling a very organized package for him to process.  He stated that I should expect to receive a cheque in the mail for the full amount soon.  I was so pleased that I responded immediately, thanking him for his decision and helping me to move forward from this incident in a positive manner.  In turn, he expressed appreciation for my appreciation, with open offers for any future assistance.  Our on-line conversations left me feeling satisfied and eager to share the good news with others!

The third joy came from a feeling of deep contentment within, knowing that a wrongful act had been rectified.  Allowing grief to run its course was an important part of my recovery as was the kind actions of others.  My faith that goodness prevails in the world remains.  I still believe that for every difficult situation we encounter in life, goodness awaits.

Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come”.  ~Anne Lamott

Dawn has emerged.

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