Joy is the golden moments in life that you cherish.  It is the feeling you get when your senses are ignited and heart is fulfilled.  If joy were something that you could hold on to, what would it look like?  How would your senses experience it?  Imagine joy as something you could store in your pocket and retrieve at anytime.

Last weekend, I attended a wedding and encountered an abundance of joy.  It is amazing how much joy can be created from a single event.  It seems that celebrations honouring love brings joy quite naturally.  Joy was apparent at the ceremony with heartfelt sharing, cameras clicking and tears of happiness.  Joy was in abundance at the reception with much laughter and camaraderie, delicious food, music and dance, and even a photo booth for guests to have fun and play!

Brightly coloured wigs, oversized glasses, character hats, and fluffy boas flew about as people lined up to have their pictures taken.  As many as 9 people bunched together in one photo frame, with bursts of laughter as the camera clicked photo after photo.  Some people rallied to the moment (including the Bride!) and made funny faces to add to the frivolity.  Reviewing the pictures moments later brought sheer delight to many as these keepsakes became the golden moments of joy.

I find great joy in funny photos, special moments that I cherish, and a pocketful of lightly scented flowers.  

Just as I can preserve these flowers, I can also preserve joy by keeping cherished memories fresh in my mind and not allowing them to fade into distant memories.  Joy comes in handy when life’s difficult moments arise.  Keep joy within reach and you will never be far from the golden moments of life.

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