You-niquely You

We are all unique.  Each of us have certain qualities that make us special and stand out from others.  Together, our natural gifts create the rich and vibrant world we live in.  Our world is a beautiful place because of the colourful ‘brushstrokes’ that each of us imparts upon it.  We each leave our mark in some way.  Leonardo daVinci, Oprah Winfrey, and little ole’ me, we’re all as different as can be!  Recognize your gifts and share them with the world!

Realizing our gifts and sharing them is fun but not always easy.  It sometimes takes confidence and courage to realize them, and then more confidence and courage to showcase them.  A recent visit to a tulip farm revealed this very lesson to me.  As I stood in awe overlooking fields of gorgeous pink tulips, I marvelled at the one yellow tulip that proudly stood out before all others.  I am sure if it could speak, it would say: “Hey, look at me!”

I also marvelled at the two daffodils that grew courageously in a well trodden footpath.  They too boldly called attention to themselves, fearless of what may come their way.  These flowers revealed an important lesson in life:  that sometimes we all need to stand apart from others to be heard or fully express ourselves.  If we look to these flowers as our role models in life, we can make our presence and natural gifts known.  We can contribute our unique ‘brushstroke’ to the world.  Whether you adopt a different role or choose to physically stand apart, I hope that you share your unique gift and shine as you were meant to!

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