Celebrate life

Ceremonies and special events are the beautiful memory makers of life.  Like threads of a tapestry, they add to the unique design of our life story.  The celebrations need not be big or lavish, but can be small and informal with one common element: something special.  Participating in events like these creates lasting memories in our minds, hence the rich tapestry of life.

My tapestry is of many shades, with vibrant splashes of  yellows and reds amidst deeper shades of blues and greens.  The colours reflect my emotional experiences, with brighter shades reflecting times of joy and revelry while deeper shades reflect times of sorrow.  In the past month, lustrous strands of the entire spectrum have been added to my tapestry.  Now, as I sit back and look upon my tapestry, I am in awe of the beautiful design that is unfolding before me.

Life is a journey filled with moments.  The richness of life is held in these moments.  As I reflect on the various events I recently attended, I revel in the joys of celebrating with others.  I marvel at the beauty of people of all ages and cultures coming together.  Young and old united, with babies and toddlers seemingly getting all of the attention.  They are the precious little ones that remind us of the miracle of human life.  In all of their innocence, they bring joy through their infectious giggles and antics, regardless they have odd scraps of food on their clothing or unusual aromas wafting from their bottoms!  Perhaps this is the lessons that babies and toddlers remind us of:  to love unconditionally.  Babies remind us that human life is a miracle with all of its’ complexities.  Remember to find humour in life’s moments and consciously add to your own tapestry of memories.

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