Harmony in You and World!

Forgo regularly set vacations. Live in harmony with evolution of your true self and live fully in the moment instead. Choose only what invigorates you at heart level. If you have habitually been in an old pattern of repeatedly returning to same place in same season to experience sameness, expand your mind and nourish your body and soul to a higher level of spiritual wellness by choosing something that currently speaks to the depth of your soul! 

Live in the mystery and expand self by trying something totally different. You might choose to stay in your home sanctuary instead and find holy days in your own sacred environment. The world can be viewed and experienced in just the beauty of one gorgeous flower or seed that germinates, flourishing new growth at your feet. In these moments, you come to realize that you don’t need to go anywhere at all to experience the exquisiteness of the simply good life!

Another option would be to go on a road trip with no plans or expectations at all. Pack basic needs for journey and follow spirit desires moment by moment. You may drive straight, turn left or turn right in any given moment and end up following the direction of endless blue skies, rising sun, full moon, majestic mountains, peaceful valleys, spectacular beaches or abundant forests. Every adventure, no matter how long or far, no matter how short or close, is part of living the simply good life fully in the moment. Remember that the secret to overall wellness is all about the journey and not the destination!  

Harmony in You and I!

Aim for harmony in all your relationships. Just as you clear out excessive material accumulations that no longer fulfill you and bring a level of satisfaction to your life, cleaning relationships is just as important. Let go of past sufferings and release old  habits and patterns of behaviours with those who drain you, bring dissatisfaction and discord to your life. 

The first essential step is to set boundaries if needed and then choose better in the moment. Follow your heart desires. When you commit to becoming your own best friend and free yourself from external expectations, the simply good life becomes your new reality! Here you will experience every day and in every way, unconditional love, kindness, compassion, peace and harmony! Remember that the secret to happiness is not all about getting more and more in life. It is all about living with grace, dignity, ease and mutual respect for all others!

Harmony of Home!

Let go of material possessions that no longer meet your basic needs and resonate with the depths of your heart. Focus on one room at a time and clear out all excess accumulations from over the years. Freeing self on physical level is just as essential for living the simply good life.

Imagine your home to be like a sacred sanctuary where peace, joy, bliss and love of all arises every moment you step inside. This threshold is where change instantly occurs as the busyness of the external world is left behind and you immerse self in the precious creation of your own inner world, free of clutter and toxic energies. All of a sudden, your mind settles as your body calms and soul is nourished. Just like stepping into the majestic beauty of the natural world, there is nothing you need to do but just breathe and embrace your simply good life!!

Purity of Self!

Inner simplicity is a journey of purification and returning to the natural beauty of your existence. It is here where your heart will be fulfilled, mind will be expanded and soul lifted to awe inspiring new dimensions! 

Approach this path as an exciting adventure and wondrous search through personal exploration. The natural unfoldings that will take place hold unlimited possibilities that will bring you to places you never ever thought possible. Here you will become more and more free to ultimately live the simply good life in every moment, every day and in every way!

New Hope in World!

Inner simplicity creates ample space for unlimited possibilities! Once you have cleared your mind from all the clutter and opened with clarity on how you really want to live your life, boundless energy will come forth! As a result, greater zest and vitality will make this process much easier than you might have thought.

The act of increasing love for self and others enhances your ability to create genuine pleasure in moments throughout your day. This is where personal growth and transformation takes place as a new reality surfaces and it is here that you will discover your sense of purpose. With positive energy growing, new hope continually arises with all you see in the world!