Embrace change

The first day of a new year brings visions of positive change for many people.  It is like turning over a brand new page in the calendar of life, with hopes of realizing unmet dreams and goals.  Perhaps you are saying to yourself: “This will be the year that I get into shape, start a new hobby, or go on my dream vacation.”  If anyone asks whether you have made any New Year’s resolutions, answer a resounding ‘Yes!’.  Say it with conviction as if there is no doubt that positive change will happen.  Change is good because change expands you.  It offers personal growth to help you realize your true potential.  If you resist change, you risk becoming stagnant in life.  Embrace change and you will be rewarded in ways you never before dreamed of!

One of my goals for 2012 is to find new ways to enjoy life.  As I start the New Year, I embrace change by transitioning to a lighter style of writing using narratives.  Previous posts were of a more formal nature, offering wisdom and insight in a philosophical way.  The goal was to create a foundation for readers to gain confidence in my level of expertise.  To further build my rapport, I am incorporating true stories told in a humorous way with hopes of bringing you laughter and greater personal connection.  I hope that my writing will be fun and engaging for you to read and that it will offer insight for creating more enjoyment.

Life is not meant to be serious – at least not all of the time.  Just as there is a place for seriousness, there is a place for light-hearted fun.  Humour can make all the difference between living your life and loving your life.  The trick is to weave joy into your rituals while alleviating the strain of responsibilities.  As I move towards storytelling, rest assured that the content of my blog will continue to have substance through life lessons.  These lessons may be hidden or apparent depending on how the stories unfold.  As always, I welcome your questions or comments and look forward to sharing good-hearted humour in 2012.  HAPPY New Year!

“At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities” –  Jean Houston

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