The dawn of our journey together

With a deep sense of peace and gratitude, I embark on Wise Sister’s blog envisioning spirited growth from an energy all of it’s own.  My hope is that my writing will become something like a warm and trusted friend in your life that soothes you, brings insight and validates your experiences while inspiring you to move forward.  Thank you for joining me and I encourage you to submit your comments at any time.  My goal is to create a wholesome synergy that benefits untold numbers as the blog matures.  I hope that every time you visit this site, you acquire something of value to enhance your day and share with others.

We are  unique beings with our own views, beliefs and experiences.  Our commonalities come from our humanness and the need to nourish our bodies and souls in order to survive and flourish.  Finding meaning and purpose becomes increasingly important as we age and try to make sense of our lives while carving out our own special place in the world.  Once we realize our own distinct rhythm in life, our hearts can truly sing as we take on a special glow like that of a rising sun, revealing our own true colours in all their intensity.

As I look back on my life, I see rays of light amidst times of darkness.  The premature loss of loved ones left dark imprints as I grew through childhood without a mother, adolescence without a father, and parenthood without a husband.  In spite of these significant losses, blessings prevailed with meaningful friendships, the birth of my sons, post-secondary success, rewarding work and opportunities to travel abroad.  My life has taught me to take nothing for granted, to hold the bigger picture at all times and appreciate even the simplest of things in life.  Sharing love and laughter are the real gifts of life that we all cherish.  I am blessed to have family and good friends of all ages to share my journey and along with my ancestors, they breathe life and wisdom into these pages.

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be”  – Lao Tzu

The most beautiful memories in life often come from being fully present and open to the virtues of our surroundings.  I am in awe of the abundance of goodness our world has to offer and ask:  “What brings you joy in your life?”  “How can you create more space for what you cherish today?”

Many blessings to you as we journey forward together.

2 thoughts on “The dawn of our journey together

  1. Dear Fay,
    What a lovely website you have created! The introduction and your sharing of a few personal details adds a special touch and intimacy for your new clients as they get to know you. Your words are warm, positive, and inspiring; “a safe place to land” so to speak. The reader also gets to know that you have had several heartbreaks in your own life. I believe that you become more accessible and relatable to your clients from sharing these personal life lessons of yours. Congratulations to you and Wise Sister’s Consulting!
    I am so happy and proud of you. Wishing you all the best in a new and exciting journey!
    Love always,

    • Thank you Marianne for your love and support as I embark on this new venture. I am ever grateful for your friendship and have learned so much from you over the years, especially during one of the most difficult times in my life. It was during my husband’s final breath that you taught me one of my biggest life lessons which involves grace in the face of adversity. Now your gift to me is my gift to others. I wholly appreciate the positive energy you bring and hope to see future comments from you as we grow and learn together. I believe that the synergy created from group discussions is the richest and most rewarding of all. Through learning about other peoples’ experiences and values, we can make better decisions for ourselves and lead happier, more fulfilling lives. I count my blessings everyday and you are one of them!

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